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Fsc Pre-Medical



Intermediate of Science (FSc Pre-Medical) students take biology, physics and chemistry. Student can precede their career in the professional field. FSc.Pre-Medical programme only those students are admitted who wish to enhance their abilities in the fields of science and medicine. This programme is important for the students who take interest in admission to medical colleges all over the country and abroad.


The F.S.C Pre-Medical Program provides a general exposure to the basis of scientific Inquiry in the field of animated sciences. The degree is an entry point to the avenue of a host of, consanguineous fields of vivification sciences, ranging from venerable and time honored fields of Medicine, Physiotherapy Surgery, Pharmacy, Agriculture, to the new and buoyant horizons of Microbiology Molecular Genetics, Cloning, Food Technology, Biochemistry, Environmental, Biology, DVM, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Bacteriology, Embryology and Petrifaction. The basic scientific skills of the students are polished in a conducive and congenial atmosphere, under the guidance of fully qualified, ardent and devoted faculty, through detailed lectures, question - answer sessions and practicals in well-equipped labs.



Compulsory  Subjects


  •  Urdu


  • English


  • Pakistan Studies


  • Islamic Education


  • Civics (optional for NON·Muslims)



Program  Subjects



  • Biology


  • Chemisty


  • Physics


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