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(ICS) Intermediate of computer sciences is the combined study of computer and science. Students can teach very much from this program in a very effective way. Learn with computer practically, science subjects also teach very much helpful to the students. Intermediate of computer science is very much attractive field. Intermediate of Computer Science (ICS) program provides a general education in many aspects of Computer Science and Software Development. Now the computer is so much vast field. Everyone can work on the computer in school to university life and practically life too.


Everyone wants to show its skills in a computer field. Intermediate of computer sciences help our students to develop our courage’s skills due to computer and science together. It is also the two degree program of our country. Intermediate of computer sciences is a computer software development field.


Compulsory  Subjects


  •  Urdu


  • English


  • Pakistan Studies


  • Islamic Education


  • Civics (optional for NON·Muslims) 


  • Computer Science


  • Mathematics


  • Physics / Statistics



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