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Intermediate of faculty of Arts (FA) subject is also really fantastic for our students. Intermediate program is of two years. FA Humanities Career future is bright. Statistics, Economics, Civics, English Elective, Political Science, Urdu Elective and many other subjects offeres in stream are related to the FA Humanities group so far. Intermediate in arts is most demanded course among the students Students can learn much this two years program.


F.A (Faculty of Arts) is only two years in our country. Intermediate in faculty of arts is now also a very vast field. Students can enter into an adult period and started into a new journey. FA program can teach much to the student. Student can enter into a new education program and make his/her future bright .


Compulsory  Subjects


  •  Urdu


  • English


  • Pakistan Studies


  • Islamic Education


  • Civics (optional for NON·Muslims) 


Sr. Group-1 Group-2 Group-3 Group-4
1 Psychology  Islamiyat  Arabic  Education 
2 Geography  Civics  Persian  Economics 
3 Computer Science  Philosophy  Punjabi  History 
4 Health & Physical Education   Urdu(Advance)  









*: Subject to Written Test


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